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 Mortal Kombat Rebirth Teaser

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PostSubject: Mortal Kombat Rebirth Teaser   Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:39 pm

Okay so a little background, I've been a fairly big Mortal Kombat fan my life. MK1 was one of my first 2 video games. I owned 1-4 and took a break after 4 (I didn't like the jump to 3D haha). I own the two movies, Armageddon for the Wii, and I owned MK vs DC (that game was a love letter to me since I love MK and DC haha). Well to say the least I was quite excited when I saw this today.

IGN pulled it up and isn't sure whether it's viral marketing for a new game or for a new movie. The way they have Johnny Cage and the first Sub-Zero killed off makes me think they're trying again with the 2nd movie (The first one was alright, but the second one was ass). But regardless the teaser gave me chills at the end when Scorpion said "Get Over Here" o_o I love MK.

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Mortal Kombat Rebirth Teaser
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