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 Fusion Fall for FREEEE

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PostSubject: Fusion Fall for FREEEE   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:19 pm

Okay so first off, I admit I'm a kid at heart, I love cartoons and I love Cartoon Network =P. Well for about a year or so now they've had a MMORPG called Fusion Fall that has been likened to a simplistic World of Warcraft. You create a character and join many different Cartoon Network characters in a battle against evil. The best part is the characters are all from older series (The ones I grew up with) like Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, Power Puff Girls, ect.

The game originally was free for the first week of it's release, I never got to play it though because my computer was crapping out on me at the time, after that you had to buy a month's subscription. Eventually they made it so you could play the first few levels free. But tomorrow on April 19th it'll be completely free. They're ending paid subscriptions, so people who've been paying get it free now, and if you want to play it's completely free. I feel like they did this to compete with "Free Realms" another online game. Don't really care why they did it though, I'm just excited that it's free mwahaha. So I'll be trying it out soon, anyone else that is into that kind of stuff, I thought I'd let you know.

You can probably get it by googling "Fusion Fall" or by going to hope to see someone else there haha.

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Fusion Fall for FREEEE
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